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Activity for Summer Learning


Picture Dictionary
Lined Paper


1. Open the Picture Dictionary to one page.

2. With your child, decide on one pattern sentence to use with the pictures.


     I see a _______.

     Can I make a _______?

     You and I can play with a _______.

3. The child will write the pattern sentence and insert a word matching the picture on the selected page.

4. The child will draw a picture of each word.

Kid's Discovery Project:
Can and Yarn Art Project

To get started you need....

One Can
Bits of yarn


1.Cut a piece of paper to cover the outside of an empty can.

2. Glue the blank paper over the label of the can and let it dry.

3. Place glue at the bottom of the plain paper in preparation of encircling it with a wrap of yarn.

4. Continue to glue and wrap the bits of yarn until the whole can is covered and let it dry.

5. Decorate the yarn covered can with child made happy faces by drawing around a nickel and cutting out the circles. Color them yellow.

6. Place all of the pencils in the can as an organizer.

Holiday Fun Project


Paper Bag
Wrapping Paper Scraps


1. Draw a large person on the bag and color.

2. Cut out clothes for the person using wrapping paper scraps.

3. Glue on the wrapping paper clothers.

4. Finish with a glued on button or two.

Thanksgiving Flock of Painted Turkeys


Water Paint Colors


1. Paint your fist with orange or brown.

2. Press your fist on a paper.

3. Paint your fingers with different colors.

4. Press each finger at the top of the fist print.

5. Paint your thumb with red.

6. Press your thumb to form a turkey head.

7. Spread the tip of the brush into three sections, and dip into black paint.

8. Press the spreadout brush to form two feet.

9. Repeat and make a flock of wild turkeys.

Kid's Discovery Project:
Fun With Letters to the Touch

To get started you need....

White Glue
Permanent Marker
Plain Paper

What To Do:

1.The child copies each letter of the alphabet with a dark permanent marker.

2. The child directs the flow of the glue over the dark letters.

3. The child sprinkles sand, rice or sequins over the letters.

4. The child spreads out a newspaper and turns the paper over to get rid of the excess sand.

5. The paper is left out to dry.

Results:   Challenge your child to a guessing game based on the sense of touch. Say, "The letters now can be felt to the touch, so close your eyes and figure out which letter you are touching."

Kid's Discovery Project:
Dip Into Nature Art

To get started you need....

Water colors
Sheet of paper or grocery bag

What To Do:

1.Walk in a park area and gather fallen leaves, branches and flower petals.

2. Mix water colors.

3. Spread out a sheet of paper or a grocery bag turned inside out.

4. Dip the things of nature into the paint and press onto the blank sheet.

Results:   The array of colors and nature textures make a "no-fault" collage.

Everyone is successful!

Kid's Discovery Project:
Body Shape Fun

To get started you need....

Large Sheet of butcher paper
Felt marking pens

What To Do:

1. Flatten the butcher paper by having your child lay on top.

2. With a black marker, outline the body shape of your child.

3. Have your child stand up and look at the shape. Since it is blank, discuss where the belt needs to be drawn, where the socks begin, what pattern is in the shirt, what colors are the clother, etc.

4. Use a pencil to help outline a shirt, buttons, eyes, etc.

5. Then let your child trace over with a black marker.

6. Then have your child color all to match the outfit worn this day.

This is a fun, entertaining project!

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