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The Letter Hotel Reading Kit

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The Letter Hotel Reading Kit
The Letter Hotel
By QuickStart School
Pre-K to 1st Grade
2 - 6 Years
List Price: $12.95

Prod. #10003B
(International Orders
please e-mail us for rates)

 Contents      Customer Reviews      Skills Addressed

A suitcase full of kinesthetic, auditory, and visual fun to get a young child self-motivated to learn the letters and basic sounds of the alphabet and develop Eye-Hand Coordination. Letter identification and sound, sentence development, numbers and counting is developed through song, drills and exploration. All that is needed is a CD player and crayons. Everything else is provided in one interactive kit to interest a young phonic reader. A child can take the Letter Hotel anywhere with them because of the easy to carry handle and suitcase like box. The Letter Hotel is a program that has been tested over a thirty year period with small children. It is used to spark reading success with a simple but direct method to get beginning sound/symbol connection in preparation for phonic reading. Here is a chance to buy a fun, self-motivating, easy to carry program that will help make the transition into reading easy.


  • A Compact Disk / CD
  • 26 letter yes/no flash cards
  • Rub off letter practice card
  • Letter Hotel Game
  • A to Z fun coloring book
  • Progress Chart
  • A to Z toy man
Skills Addressed

    Reading & Writing
- Letter Recognition
- Phonics

- Counting

    Educational Approach
- Eye-Hand Coordination
- Exploration
- Drill & Practice

Customer Reviews

This is the perfect kit for achieving the eye-hand coordination needed to start reading. The kit is simple to use. It's a great way to start learning the alphabet through the use of games and drills.
Angie M., mom of a 5 year old boy, Los Angeles, CA.

My children just love the kit. They carry it around like a suitcase. They won't put it down. I also like the fact that QuickStartReading also offers free online help anytime. Thank you!
Jill M., mom of two boys, Minden, NV.

This is a very simple and motivating kit. My daughter loves it. She is always asking to put the CD on in the car. My 3 year old is learning phonics!
Debbie B, Cincinnati, OH.

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