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"Sunshine" the Reading Pony Adventures!

Get out the crayons!  Color me!
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Read the Adventures of
"Finding A New Name"

A new pony arrived at the stable last month. Sassy, Apache and Bugsy did not know what to call the girl pony. She would not look up when each horse in the stable called her. Sassy called her Buttercup and she just laughed. Bugsy called her Half Pint. She looked the other way and just kept eating grass hay. Apache, the biggest of all the horses, called her Sweetie Pie. She flattened her ears and turned her rump toward him.

All three horses decided together to send her to an elementary school and let all of the children decide on a name. The day she left in a trailer heading towards the school, it was very stormy with lots of rain on the way down the freeway. When she arrived at school, the sun came out making her coat of gold shine beautifully. The children said, "Wow, the little pony shines in the sun." The Principal call the attention of all of the 300 children at the assemble to help name the new pony. A boy in third grade shouted out, "SUNSHINE, of course!" Everyone agreed, as Sunshine smiled happily at all the school children.

Proudly, Sunshine returned to the barn, looked at the three horses and looked up at the Sun. Apache knew that her name had something to do with the sun because of the shiny teeth in her smile. His deep horse laugh got everyone's attention. He said, "Is your name Sunshine?"

Sunshine reared with delight and waved her front legs. She loved her new name.

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Check back each week for more adventures, puzzles and games!

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